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Search hints:

Following are the most common abbreviations used by the ALEPH command language. For a complete list, see Search in the Help.

WRD - Words
WTI - Words in title field
WAU - Words in author field
WPU - Words in publisher field
WSU - Words in subject field
WYR - Year of publication
WUT - Words in uniform title field
WPL - Words in place field
WPU - Words in publisher field
WGA - Words in geographical area
WNO - Words in notes fields
WUR - Words in URL field
WLN - Three-letter language codes
SYS - System number

Lowercase letters will find matches of capitalized words also. For example, computer will find matches for computer, Computer and COMPUTER.

Boolean AND is assumed between words. You may use the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT in your search string. For example, you could type heart or cardiac to retrieve all records having heart or cardiac in them.

Use the ? character to find matches that contain portions of words. For example, gun? will retrieve gun, guns, gunners, gunnery, gunning, etc.

In another example, ? ology will retrieve anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc.

The ? character may also be used to find variant spellings. For example, alumi?m will find both the American spelling, aluminum, and the British spelling, aluminium.