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Results for Honors projects, Chemistry; Sorted by: Year (descending)/Author

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Author Title Year Format Availability Location
Perez, Beatriz. Iron dissolution from clay mineral aerosols in acidic media / Beatriz Perez. 2013 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2013 Pe
Hamid, Nigar Jasmine. Photo-induced dissolution of metal ions from fly ash particles in acidic media / Nigar Jasmine Hamid. 2012 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2012 Ha
Schimler, Sydonie Dannielle. Novel organocobalt anticancer agents : synthesis and studies of the mode of action / Sydonie D. Schimler. 2012 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2012 Sch
Kebede, Mulu Asmare. A comparative evaluation of heterogeneous photochemistry of nitric acid on different ash particles sources / Mulu Asmare Kebede. 2011 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2011 K
Rowland, Elizabeth. Exploring leucine-rich repeat proteins as molecular scaffolds : design of an oxidation-resistant ribonuclease inhibitor / Elizabeth F. Rowland. 2009 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2009 Row
Cohen, Alexander. The Effect of cannabinoids 2-AG and JWH 015 on ROS and NO production in RAW 264.7 macrophages / Alexander Cohen. 2008 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2008 Co
Mohrmann, Sarah L. The Toxicity of nanoparticles on embryronic and larval development in Danio rerio / Sarah L. Mohrmann. 2008 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2008 Mo
Schreiter, William. The synthesis and characterization of PMMA nanospheres and inverse photonic crystals / William Schreiter. 2004 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 2004 Sc
Dude, Ann Melissa. Genetic mapping of novel suppressor alleles of unc-9(e1500) in Caenorhabditis elegans / Ann Melissa Dude. 1999 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 1999 D
Fox, Neal M. A kinetic study of the Sodium Borohydride reduction of Copper(II) Bromide / Neal M. Fox. 1999 Monograph available

Archives: LD2941 .L41 1999 F

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