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Author Title Year Format Availability Location
Soechtig, Stephanie, director, producer, screenwriter. Fed up / Atlas Films ; Radius-TWC and Atlas Films presents ; in association with Artemis Rising Foundation and Diamond Docs ; produced by Eve Marson, Sarah Olson, Stephanie Soechtig ; written by Mark Monroe, Stephanie Soechtig ; directed by Stephanie Soechtig. 2014 Video Recording available

Media: HD9005 .F385 2014 [DVD]
Fonda, Jane, 1937- Trim, tone & flex : Jane Fonda prime time. [videorecording] / produced & directed by Cal Pozo ; FitVid Productions. 2011 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.63 .J36 2011 [DVD]
Fonda, Jane, 1937- Firm & burn : Jane Fonda prime time. [videorecording]. 2011 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.15 .J36 2011 [DVD]
Barrios, Kanta. Yoga for beginners [videorecording] : poses for strength, flexibility & relaxation ; with Kanta Barrios. 2010 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.7 .Y64 2010 [DVD]
Kolber, Petra. Step-by-step strength training [videorecording] / Acorn Media Group ; produced and directed by Ernie Schultz. 2010 Video Recording available

Media: GV711.5 .S74 2010 [DVD]
Joyce, Michelle. Perfect hips [videorecording] : Belly dance workout abs, hips, butt & thighs / produced by Michelle Joyce ; Cheeky Girls Productions. 2008 Video Recording available

Media: GV1798.5 .P47 2008 [DVD]
Michaels, Jillian. 30 day shred [videorecording] 2008 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.6 .A13 2008 [DVD]
Abramson, Robert M. Dalcroze eurhythmics with Robert M. Abramson [videorecording] / written by Timothy Caldwell. 2007 Video Recording available

Media: MT42 .D35 2007 [DVD]
Dixon, Amy. Women’s health. Ultimate fat burn! [videorecording] produced by the Cider Company ; directed by Steve Purcell. 2007 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.6 .W66 2007 [DVD]
Neon. Luscious [videorecording] : the BellyDance workout / created by Neon, Blanca, Sarah Skinner ; World Dance New York. 2007 Video Recording available

Media: GV1798.5 .L87 2007 [DVD]
Wohl, Michael. Yoga for weight loss [videorecording] / produced and directed by Michael Wohl. 2007 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.7 .Y6475 2007 [DVD]
Wohl, Michael. Yoga for beginners [videorecording] / from the editors of Body & soul : whole living ; [produced, directed and edited by Michael Wohl]. 2006 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.7 .Y64 2006 [DVD]
Nakahara, David. Dance fitness for beginners. African beat Latin heat [videorecording] / David Nakahara Enterprises Inc. ; produced and directed by David Nakahara. 2005 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.15 .D36 2005 [DVD]
Cappy, Peggy. More yoga for the rest of us [videorecording] / with Peggy Cappy. 2004 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.7 .M67 2004 [DVD]
Baynard, John. Yoga for the rest of us [videorecording] : a step-by-step workout / WGBH Educational Foundation ; producers, John Baynard and Alice Markowitz. 2003 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.7 .Y61 [DVD]
Yee, Rodney. Rodney Yee’s A.M. [and] P.M. yoga [videorecording] / featuring Patricia Walden. 1999 Video Recording available

Media: RA781.7 .A532 1999 [DVD]
Miller, Gin. Extreme circuit [videorecording] / Reebok International. 1998 Video Recording available

Media: GV501.5 .E88
Pitt, Joan. CIA 9804 [videorecording] / Creative Instructors Aerobics, Inc. 1998 Video Recording available

Media: GV501.5 .C53
Voight, Karen, 1955- Streamline fitnesse [videorecording] / Karen Voight. 1998 Video Recording available

Media: GV501.5 .S87
Miller, Gin. Intense moves [videorecording] : Gin Miller 1997 Video Recording available

Media: GV501.5 .I68

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