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Author Title Year Format Availability Location
Benedict, Christine Jones. Installation ceremony for Mark Burstein [sound recording] . 2013 Sound recording available

Burstein, Mark H. Convocation series, 2013-2014. 2013 Sound recording available

Burstein, Mark H. Presidential introduction of Mark Burstein. 2013 Sound recording available

Kautsky, Catherine. A Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation : music, slavery, and the Civil War [sound recording] / Faculty of Lawrence University. 2013 Sound recording available

Archives: E453 .C45 2013 [CD]
Troy, Timothy X. Freshman Studies lectures, 2013-2014. 2013 Sound recording available

Archives: LD2941 .L39 2013 [text CD]
Beck, Jill. Convocation series, 2012-2013. 2012 Sound recording available

DeShazor, Brian. Campus campaign 4.0 [sound recording] : Campus Campaign subject set vol. IV 90 hours / Pacifica Radio Archives. 2012 Sound recording available

Media: PN1991.77 .A1 F764 2012 [text CD]
Knight, Douglas M. World Music Series lecture [sound recording] : Douglas Knight, Jr. 2012 Sound recording available

Media: ML338 .K55 2012 [text CD]
McGlynn, David, 1976- Freshman Studies lectures, 2012-2013. 2012 Sound recording available

Archives: LD2941 .L39 2012 [text CD]
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. Shakespeare’s original pronunciation : speeches and scenes performed as Shakespeare would have heard them [sound recording] / Ben Crystal ... [et al.]. 2012 Sound recording available

Media: PR2771 .S53 2012 [Text CD]
Sunardi, Christina. Ethnomusicology lecture [sound recording] : Christina Sunardi. 2012 Sound recording available

Media: ML3758 .I53 S86 2013 [text CD]
Jansen Kraemer, Harry M., 1955- Convocation series, 2011-2012. 2011 Sound recording available

Kern, Edmund M., 1963- Freshman Studies lectures, 2011-2012 [sound recording]. 2011 Sound recording available

Archives: LD2941 .L39 2011 [Text CD]
Léger Frenand. Pawòl Lakay : Haitian-creole language and culture for beginner and intermediate learners / Frenand Léger ; in collaboration with Mahalia Germain, Christine Diment ; illustrations Rashad Cornelius Ferguson. 2011 Book available

Main Collection: PM7854 .H32 L44 2011 [q.] Oversize
Perry, Michael, The clodhopper monologues [sound recording] / by Michael Perry. 2011 Sound recording available

Media: PS3566 .E7133 C56 2011 [text CD]
Beck, Jill. Convocation series, 2010-2011. 2010 Sound recording available

Bond, Garth. Freshman Studies lectures, 2010-2011 [sound recording]. 2010 Sound recording available

Archives: LD2941 .L39 2010 [Text CD]
McQuinn, Julie.. Igor Stravinsky, the Rite of Spring [sound recording] / Julie McQuinn. 2010 Sound recording

Sedaris, David. Squirrel seeks chipmunk [sound recording] / David Sedaris ; illustrations by Ian Falconer. 2010 Sound recording available

Media: PS3569 .E314 S68 2010 [Text CD]
Adams, Noah. NPR road trips. National park adventures [sound recording] 2009 Sound recording available

Media: PN1991.15 .N67 2009 [Text CD]

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