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Author Title Year Format Availability Location
Greenman, Frances Cranmer (American, Samuel Plantz [art original] : President of Lawrence College, 1859-1924 / Frances Cranmer Greenman ; gift of John W. Greenman-ex ’10. 1923 Book available

Tiplady, Thomas, The kitten in the crater : and other fragments from the front / by Thomas Tiplady. 1917 Book available

Main Collection: D524 .T57 1917
Morgan, M. H. Addresses and essays / by Morris H. Morgan. 1910 Book available

Main Collection: PA27 .M7
Plantz, Samuel, The church and the social problem : a study in applied Christianity / by Samuel Plantz ... 1906 Book available

Main Collection: HN31 .P6
Bowne, Borden Parker, The immanence of God / by Borden P. Bowne. 1905 Book available

Main Collection: BT124 .B8
Ladd, George Trumbull, The philosophy of religion : a critical and speculative treatise of man’s religious experience and development in the light of modern science and reflective thinking / by George Trumbull Ladd. 1905 Book available

Main Collection: BL51 .L3
Brastow, Lewis Orsmond, Representative modern preachers / by Lewis O. Brastow ... 1904 Book available

Main Collection: BV4207 .B7
Josephus, Flavius. [Works.] The works of Flavius Josephus, the learned and authentic Jewish historian, and celebrated warrior : to which are added seven dissertations concerning Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, James the Just, God’s command to Abraham, etc. / translated by William Whiston ; with an introductory essay by H. Stebbing. 1903 Book available

Main Collection: DS116 .J7 1903
Brown, Neal, Critical confessions and John Marshall and his times / by Neal Brown. 1902 Book available

Main Collection: PN761 .B8 1902
Jameson, J. Franklin [Dictionary of U.S. history] Encyclopedic dictionary of American reference / by J. Franklin Jameson ... and J.W. Buel ... 1901 Book available

Main Collection: E174 .J316
Hyslop, James Hervey, Syllabus of psychology / by James Hyslop. 1899 Book available

Main Collection: BF141 .H92
Bowne, Borden Parker, Theory of thought and knowledge / by Borden P. Bowne... 1897 Book available

Main Collection: BD161 .B7
MacCoun, Townsend, The Holy Land in geography and in history / By Townsend MacCoun. 1897 Book available

Main Collection: DS118 .M17
Guyot, Yves, The tyranny of socialism / by Yves Guyot ; ed., with an introduction, by J. H. Levy. 1894 Book available

Main Collection: HX266 .G98
Day, Henry Noble, The science of aesthetics : or the nature, kinds, laws and uses of beauty / by Henry N. Day. 1893 Book available

Main Collection: BH191 .D38 1893
Knight, William Angus, The philosophy of the beautiful : being a contribution to its theory, and to a discussion of the arts / by William Knight. 1893 Book available

Main Collection: N66 .K7
Beecher, Henry Ward, Plymouth pulpit : sermons preached in Plymouth church, Brooklyn / by Henry Ward Beecher ; from Ellinwood’s stenographic reports ... 1888 Book available

Main Collection: BX7233 .B4 P6 1888
Lawrence, William, Life of Amos A. Lawrence / with extracts from his diary and correspondence. 1888 Book available

Main Collection: E415.9 .L38 L4 1889
Phillips Exeter Academy. Lectures delivered before the students of Phillips Exeter Academy, 1885-1886 / by presidents McCosh [and others]. 1887 Book available

Main Collection: AC5 .P52 1877
Baskerville, Alfred. The poetry of Germany : consisting of selections from upwards of seventy of the most celebrated poets / translated into English verse, with the original text on the opposite page, by Alfred Baskerville. 1886 Book available

Main Collection: PT1160 .E5 B3 1886

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