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Honor -- United States -- History -- 18th century
Honor -- United States -- History -- 19th century

Honorary degrees - [LC Authority Record]
   See:  Degrees, Academic

Honorary member of the U.S. Naval Lyceum, 1789-1851 - [LC Authority Record]
   See:  Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851

Honorary titles - [LC Authority Record]
   See:  Titles of honor and nobility

Honoratus, Marius Servius, 4th cent - [LC Authority Record]
   See:  Servius, 4th cent.

Honoré, A. M., 1921- - [LC Authority Record]
   See:  Honoré, Tony, 1921-

Honoré, Antony Maurice, 1921- - [LC Authority Record]
   See:  Honoré, Tony, 1921-
Honoré, Tony, 1921- - [LC Authority Record]

Honors courses in colleges - [LC Authority Record]
   See:  Universities and colleges -- Honors courses

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